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We are the No.1 source of Result oriented DO-IT-YOURSELF pest control products in UAE.

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Pest control Products are rarely found in UAE & Pest Care UAE thrive to sell many useful and tested products from the renowned global companies that are registered by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Pest Care UAE is built on the mission of saving you money. You can save up to 80% and get rid of the harmful pests out of your homes without ordering an expensive commercial fumigation service. Our recommended professional pest control products are loved by thousands of customers in UAE.

Our principle is offer you the most recent and effective range of pest control products & we do offer instant customer support for application instructions as our high quality support towards our approach to pest control ease in UAE. We recommend pest control gels and chemicals that we sell using the lesser amount of product that commercial pest control companies and fumigation service use.

Our Product Users

We have sold our pest control products to the high end users including Federal, State and Local Government, military brokers, schools and universities, hotel pest control, apartment pest control, restaurant pest control, nurseries, greenhouses, farms, ranches, national and state parks, food processing plants, grocery stores, storage facilities, correctional facilities, warehouses, and more.

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Pest Care UAE is the home of pest control products. We offer complete technical support by our highly trained staff. Email or call us and one of our team member will be pleased to offer the most suited recommendations for your pest problems. They will offer help to identify the type of pests and the best treatments and products.