Vendetta Plus 2 Tubesمعجون الصراصير

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2 Tubes ( 1 Plunger + 1 Tips) AED 136 with Free 

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  • Vendetta Plus Roach Killer Bait Gel
    Vendetta® Plus combines two modes-of-action to kill German Cockroaches
    where they hide, and prevent future re-infestation.
    Active Ingredient:
    1. Abamectin B1 …………….. .0.05%
    2. Pyriproxifin ………………… 0.50%
     Kills German Cockroaches where they hide
     Effective on both averse and non-averse German Cockroaches
     Breaks the life cycle of German Cockroaches
     Contains NyGuard IGR
     Reduces the population by preventing reproduction
     For use in commercial, industrial and residential areas
     Relief from even severe German Cockroach infestations
     Effective, clean and easy to use


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